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i recently got a job as a clinic tech at a planned parenthood clinic and will be starting my formal training next week.  (i have been a volunteer there for the last 2 months.)  this is not my first job in the reproductive health field, but it is my first time working with patients face to face, and i am VERY excited about it.  i feel like planned parenthood is a leader in providing affordable and accessible reproductive health care, and i am honored to be a part of that program.

our clinic is a non-abortion facility, so all we do is prevention.  as a tech i will be dispensing birth control, scheduling appointments, counseling morning after pill patients, giving depo shots/pregnancy tests, providing general bc/ec/std/hiv info, and prepping patients and exam rooms for general gyn care.  i will also have the option of getting hiv pre- and post- test counselor certified.

this really is my dream job.  i have always believed in a womans right to have an abortion, but i also believe that it is most ethical and efficient to try to prevent as many abortions as possible with effective sex education programs and easily accessible birth control methods.  i have been a little disappointed that most of my fellow clinic techs support the mission of pp (they have to to work there), but not with the same passion that i do.  for them its more 'just a job,' and it does show sometimes.

but my goal in working at this pp clinic is to reach girls before they a pregnant with a baby that they dont want or didnt intend to have.  not to mention, before they catch some std that they cant get rid of.  i know some days i will be more successful than other days.  and i know that i will meet girls with stories that make me cringe.  but i also know that those girls i do reach will keep me going.
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