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new community

techieguru, if this is OT, I'll delete right away.

That being said, I just recently started a new community, abortion_news and I am looking for new members.

What is abortion_news?
I created this community in order to serve a need on LiveJournal for users who want to be informed about current events regarding abortion/reproductive choices. Think of it as an abortion news rss feed for your friends' page.

So what is posted?
Only news articles -- and occasionally commentary -- will be posted to the community. On the extremely rare occasion, a blog might warrant a post.

Articles will come from all sources, from LifeNews to Choice! Magazine, the grand sum of which should result in a balanced news feed.

Who can join?
The community is open membership, and ideally all sides of the abortion debate will be represented.

Who can post?
Any member of the community can post, and posting is moderated so that only articles are posted.

Isn't this community like abortiondebate?
This community is not designed replace abortiondebate, abortabortion, or any of the other abortion discussion communities out there. Rather, it's to serve a need to share (and discuss) current events about abortion, while the other communities are driven by the users' posts.

Come check it out!
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