Nemo Wistar, Escaped Lab Rat (nemo_wistar) wrote in abortabortion,
Nemo Wistar, Escaped Lab Rat

A Voice in the Wilderness

Howdy.  I've been a regular subscriber to a number of abortion related communities, but this is my first time here.  I've been reading some previous posts like "Contraception for Life" and "A War We Can All Support", and I'm glad to see there is a community dedicated to finding a way to reduce abortion - not by criminalizing it, but by actually addressing the root cause behind it. 

It's just too bad there are such large gaps in between posts.  So ...

I'd like to see if I can somehow help revitalize this community, and (more importantly) have some real-life impact in general, yet I can't convince myself that simply donating money to any particular group would make any long term difference one way or the other.

I'm going to start by doing more research on our governor / state legislature, and see what they've done (and can do) to improve health care access and sex education to make both as comprehensive as possible; even so, as one person, I would be hard pressed to get any attention ... so I welcome any suggestions.
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